Welcome to
Forge Martial Arts Sunshine Coast


Adults and Teens classes available.

Proudly Affiliated with Axis Jiu Jitsu Australia and registered with the Jiu Jitsu Federation of Australia and the Jiu Jitsu Global Federation

Forge Martial Arts is located in Forest Glen on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and it is where you come to learn Functional Martial Arts such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (both Gi and No-Gi, sometimes termed as submission grappling), Boxing and Kickboxing. We have a very supportive environment with mature, level headed clientele and we have a ‘no meathead’ policy. This enables your training at Forge to be not only where you come to learn improve your ability in martial arts, but where you come to learn about, and improve yourself free from ego, machismo and the ‘Hulk smash’ mentality you may find else where.

Our programs are scheduled from Monday through Saturday, with private training available at mutually agreeable times.  We also have separate martial arts classes for Adults (16+) and a separate program for our Teens (11-15).

We don't take the one size fits all approach, you are not a number and you are as individual as the person next to you. We understand that what works for one, may not be the solution for another.  We hence make it our imperative to cater to the individual and create a comfortable environment in which to learn some great skills, develop your game, forge your own path, and make plenty of friends along the way. 

In all our classes, you will work across the ranges of Stand up (being on your feet), Clinch (wrestling/grappling/controlling someone on your feet) and Ground (grappling or controlling someone on the ground). This keeps your martial arts game constantly evolving and interesting, and ensures that whatever program you choose to learn, it is self-defence relevant. Each range also has a certain psychology and ‘mental game’ to it.  So be prepared to not only work a specific skill set (such as grappling or striking), but also to see how it fits as part of a whole.

We pride ourselves that our Martial Arts Programs are effective, self-defence applicable, ethical, a hell of a load of fun, make you sweat and are something that will positively improve your life. So whether you would like to grapple with with the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) or you want to hit it with our Boxing and Kickboxing programs, then we have it covered.

So come on in, ignite your furnace, mold your tools, master flux and test your mettle at Forge Martial Arts.