What You Can Expect

It’s our goal at Forge Martial Arts to provide a safe, fun, and friendly training environment where people are free to explore and expand their potential through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Boxing and Kickboxing.

We recognise that everyone trains in the Martial Arts for their own reasons and we encourage a co-creative environment where we work with each of our clients to make sure that they are getting what they came for in order to help them progress as fast as possible.

Along the way our clients learn skills that work in a competitive or self defence situation.  Without the ego driven, bravado and macho nonsense you can find elsewhere, you are free to do what you came here for - work, sweat, learn, forge friendships and enjoy yourself.

Tailored Training

Before you step on the mat, we want to get to know you (and you to get to know us) and find out what you want out of your training.

We will ask you what YOU want. Do you have an affinity for striking, grappling or both? What are your training goals? Learn something new? Fitness? Performance? Self defence? How often can you consistently train per week?

Knowing your goals will help us cater to what you want to learn, do, or achieve and will keep us focused on what you need to do so you can accomplish your goals.  

During your time with us we’ll constantly ask for your feedback on where your training is going to ensure it remains in line with your goals. 

Group Training / One On One

In our Groups we ensure that all participating clients will be of similar mind set and training mentality.   While you have to share your coach with others, you gain a strong, supporting tribe which helps your development.  If you are a social person and feed off the energy of a group environment then this is definitely the option for you. 

One on One Personal Coaching gives you the luxury of having a coach all to yourself.  The sessions are completely planned around you and it’s a great way to supercharge your game development. 


Contact us with you goals and we will discuss which is best suited to yourself.