Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in it’s traditional format is a self defence martial art, and it is what our Teen Classes are based on. You (or your Teen if you are parent/guardian) will be taught the foundations of BJJ by learning to defend common attacks, obtain the clinch, place the assailant on the ground, control them, sub due them if necessary, OR if you are put on the ground get up and ultimately be able to get away safe.

Classes are fast paced to keep you interested, but designed around a common theme so there is consistency in your learning. It is primarily a martial arts class with fitness, friendship and fun being added benefits.

We believe it is better for young adults to learn how to defend against, control and subdue someone in a self defence scenario, rather than to coach a striking art to teenagers in the first instance. This is for a number of reasons.

Firstly, control. Teens bodies are developing quickly and constantly, and hence grappling helps you discover your strength and learn how to use it with temperance. If we coach striking straight away, that temperance and control is not alway quite there and can lead to an unsafe training environment.

Secondly, legalities. We want you to be able to de-escalate or control an encounter, not strike someone and then have to deal with the consequences of hurting someone. Once a foundation grappling skill set has been achieved, the technicalities of striking can be taught.

You will work with a group of your peers and develop physical and mental skills sets that will not only make you effective on the mat or in self defence, but foster your communication ability, leaderships skills and ultimately your self confidence.

Teens classes run all year long on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5-6pm. Term contracts are available.