Adult Martial Arts Classes Sunshine Coast


The Ground Game

Grappling as a sport has become very popular in recent years but at Forge Martial Arts, we remind clients that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/BJJ/Jits was first and foremost developed for self-preservation, not for sport, not to score points on a guard pass or win a match on an advantage.  You will still learn how to clinch, wrestle, take down, throw, escape, and apply joint locks and chokes on resisting opponents... but you will also learn how to deal with strikes and know that your BJJ game is ready for whatever is thrown at it.

Our Jits classes are still performance based; we still roll and train to improve our martial ability. However our classes have a culture and environment where playfulness, co-operation and respect are key. We want you to have a great time and develop camaraderie while learning about yourself and improving both physically and mentally.  

The Stand Up Game

At 'the Forge', you create, mold and hone your tools.  You don't beat them incessantly and expect to create a master piece.  You temper your steel with heat as well as cold.  We are for everyone who wants to develop their Martial Arts game, not just the existing athlete.

We focus on not only the physical tools of striking, clinch and wrestling, but mental game performance as well, which is why we say 'Create your tools' and 'Test your Mettle'.  This not only helps you perform on the mat, but has a positive cross over to life.  

If you can manage your temperament and remain on task under the pressures of sparring, you can take whatever life throws at you. Not to mention it’s a hell of a lot of fun!


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, commonly termed as 'Jits' or 'BJJ', is a Martial Art that uses tools of clinching the opponent to prevent them from striking, then taking them down to the ground and controlling the engagement through pins, holds, chokes and joint locks.

Jits is a landscape of change and that is why we say 'Master the state of Flux'.  You'll 'test your mettle' by remaining calm under pressure, reacting appropriately and persevering under unfavourable circumstances. These are key elements to perform not only in BJJ, but in life as well.

BJJ can either be done in a Gi or Kimono where you can manipulate the cloth to assist you or utilise it offensively against to submit your opponent. Gi BJJ tends to be more controlling and teaches you patience. Or ‘No Gi’ which can also be call submission grappling. No Gi is a little more fast, fluid and teaches you the art of scrambling. It is our opinion that you need to learn both.



We still coach our striking game to be functional and performance based, but we train smart, not just hard.  We have fused old school martial philosophy and modern training techniques to nurture your game rather than making is a survival of the fittest.  

Our program is designed to work through various ranges of the game, and incorporates not only striking, but Clinch, wrestling and takedowns with a minor focus on grappling. But we mainly focus on getting back to your feet, keeping the fight standing and for those wanting to learn more of the ground game, they partake in our BJJ classes.

Dubbed as the Sweet Science, our Sunshine Coast Boxing classes program are a combination of cunning, conditioning and camaraderie.



Incorporating elements of Muay Thai and Dutch or Western Kickboxing, you will develop the physical tools of punching, kicking, clinching and wrestling.

We insure our kicking game is grounded in self defence, but, as with everything we do, coached in an environment where you can learn, develop, collaborate and work with (not against) our partners.

Much like our boxing classes, an element of ‘keeping off the ground and keep things standing’ is emphasised.

In any given class you will learn to master the state of flux though distance management as well as physical and mental strategies to cope with the constant change.  

You and your partners will test your mettle with progressive training to develop confidence in both physical and mental attributes where ultimately your tools take shape and you forge your own game.