Personal Training and Small Groups


Classes not for you, or wanting that extra bit of attention?

Not everyone can make it to our classes due to work, family or life commitments. While we do our best to cater for everyone’s goals in our classes, it sometimes is just not possible and some people want more specific training whether that be for self defence or sports related endeavorers, or they are just requiring a different pace to their training.

This is where personal training or starting your own small training group (ideal for families) is ideal.

We will start this process of with an interview to key in on what specifically you, or your small training group, are looking for. This could be delving deeper into the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or Striking (Boxing and/or Kickboxing), or blending them all in Mixed Martial Arts. This may be around a specific need such as self defence, fitness, game development or pure passion.

After this initial assessment, we will arrange a mutually agreeable time to start your training journey based around your goals, needs and ability.

Personal training can be ad-hoc to ‘top up’ or ‘get ahead’ with your learning, or on a regular basis for those wanting the trainers attention all to themselves.