Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Program Sunshine Coast


BJJ. Jiu-Jitsu. Jits Training Program

It’s known fondly by many names, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a relatively modern Martial Art which has it’s origins in… you guessed it, Brazil. BJJ focuses on primarily on closing the distance with your opponent, getting them to the ground via either takedowns, throws or sweeps and then looking to maintain control of your opponent and if needs be, finishing with a submission such as a choke, or joint lock.

BJJ was designed to allow the smaller person to gain advantage over a larger opponent through core concepts such as base, leverage, efficiency, timing and utilising as much as your body as you can against as little of your opponents body (such as a single limb). Propelled to the spotlight with the first UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) in the early 90’s, BJJ was tested against a number of other combat arts in a competitive tournament in which BJJ came out the victor. Since then BJJ has become increasingly popular throughout the globe as a Martial Arts, Sport as an integral part of Mixed Martial Arts. The competition aspect of Jits has helped fuel that, but there is a strong movement to bring Jiu Jitsu back to its self defence origins. At Forge we honour Jiu Jitsu’s primary function of a self defence art, taking a fundamentals first approach to training and ensuring what we coach works whether our clients are working it in a Gi (Kimono/uniform), No Gi (rash guard and shorts), or when strikes are incorporated either in an MMA or self defence senario.

Training BJJ at Forge will start which you learning how to firstly move on the ground, something many of us have forgotten how to do since childhood. Think of this like footwork for boxing. Being able to transition from position to position will allow you to orientate yourself better and execrate your learning instead of learn a new technique every night but having no idea how to get from A to B. If you can’t move efficiently around, you compensate with strength and you tire quickly. After you can move around on the ground, then we can teach you various techniques, defences, escapes, sweeps and submissions for each position. We don’t ‘smash you’ when you first step on the mats. This serves no purpose as you have no tools to utilise to deal with the situation. It causes injuries, frustration and most people don’t come back. Your coaches at Forge, and the fellow clientele will support your development, as we know… the quicker you get rolling, the quicker you can play the game, the quicker you can then work with and challenge us and assist in our development as well.

As you get your grounding in the BJJ, like all combat sports and martial arts, it can be confronting both physically and mentally. We will assist you in learning strategies to work skills that suit not only your body, but your personality and mind set as well. No two people are the same. We will sharpen your mental game tools, enabling you to remain calm under pressure, resilience and perseverance. All skills and strategies are also easily transferred off the mat into your daily life.