Kickboxing Training Classes Sunshine Coast


our blend of Muay Thai and Dutch Kickboxing

at Forge Martial Arts Sunshine Coast

… time to kick butt.

Kickboxing is a striking art that utilises not just your hands, but your legs as well. Muay Thai is know as the ‘art of eight limbs’ as it involves the use of your hands, feet, knees and elbows and has it’s origins on the battle field. Dutch Kickboxing is known for it forward pressuring style, tight guard and use of combinations involving the upper and lower body.

We honour both martial arts and ensure a fundamental approach to our clients game by developing a strong foundation, grounded in a defence first mind set, solid footwork and balance, prior to learning how to utilise our boxing with incorporating kicks. After our clients have achieved this first skill set, ranges of engagement are coached working from the outside in culminating with clinch, clinch boxing, knees, sweeps, throws and takedowns as well as the defence all the afore mention skills.

On top of learning the ranges of engagement, we will build your understand of styles and tactics used by those styles. Unknowingly, your personality would have already gravitated you towards a particular style, and hence we can delve deeper into this and also give you an understanding of other common styles and strategies so you deploy the appropriate game while in the moment.

Each range of engagement and style in Kickboxing or Muay Thai not only has a physical skill set, but a ‘mental game’ which you will also need to develop and strengthen mental attributes along side this. By understanding the psychology of the game, this will help you to key into why you feel a certain way about different ranges, why you may favour a certain style, and how to either reinforce your strengths or address your weaknesses to improve your overall effectiveness.

Mindfulness is a recent buzz word in the co-operate, human resource and executive world. However we will teach you how to be mindful during to flurry of the fight. This is where you master the state of flux and where you test your mettle. And like our Boxing classes, we finish every session with sparring and create a co-operative environment where you and your fellow clients test your mettle, problem solve and leave with a smile on your face rather than a black eye.

Come ignite your furnace and kick life’s butt. Contact us our kickboxing trainers sunshine coast for more info or Click below to organise your first free session.