Boxing Training Classes Sunshine Coast


Western Boxing is not just a sport, it’s a Martial Art

Functional Martial Art, Fitness, Fun, For the everyday person.

People have the misconception that Martial Arts are purely from an ‘Eastern’ origin and that you wear pyjamas. Western Boxing IS a Martial Art. It’s a combat sport, a very effective form of self defence (the ‘Martial’) as well as a vehicle for self awareness, and self improvement (the ‘Art’).

At Forge Martial Arts Sunshine Coast, our Boxing classes are based in a foundation of core skills with a defence first mentality. In your first sessions we will endeavour to develop your base (stance, balance, footwork) and a strong structure and active defence for you to work out of. This first stage is crucial to develop your confidence, as once you are confident, you are then more likely to engage and play the other aspects of the game. The more you play, the quicker you develop.

Next you will learn basic punches both on pads and also with a partner in glove on glove drills. As you progress each session, we will build your tool set, and your skill set. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a solid Boxing game. Drilling is where you will mould and hone your skills. You will learn various ranges of engagement working from the outside in along with the offence, defence and psychology that comes along with this. Just because it’s Boxing, doesn’t mean we don’t address the clinch or takedowns. Read the first paragraph again, Boxing is not just a sport. We believe that you need to be able to work your skills in a self defence situation… there’s no ref to break up the clinch. Secondly, developing these skill sets are FUN!

Every session is finished with sparring, which sounds daunting. But with our coaching, skill progression, gym environment and supportive fellow clientele, sparring is rapidly accessible for you to enjoy this part of Boxing. Sparring is where you get to test your mettle. This doesn’t mean ‘balls to the wall’ or ‘Hulk smash’, this means put your skills in a live, fluid, challenging (but no competitive), progressive environment. You don’t walk into a weights gym and try to lift an unrealistic amount of weight do you? Sparring is the same, we start slow and light to get confidence and core skills developed. Then we slowly progress the intensity from there.

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